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Sales Tax Reporting and Compliance
for Buffalo Grove Merchants and
Other Businesses

If you own a retail or other business in Buffalo Grove, Illinois that collects Illinois sales tax, Claremont Management can assist you in proper reporting and compliance to avoid costly penalties. This process is not always clear, even for experienced business people; since sales tax requirements and rates often change on an annual basis, and reporting requirements can vary depending upon how long you have been in business, your volume or type of taxable sales, etc.


How does our sales tax service work? Simply provide us with your sales figures and a payment method, and we do the rest. It's that simple. No hassles. No confusing forms to fill out. No hefty penalties because you keep putting it off! Like to learn more? Just call John or Maria today at (847) 398-7010 for complete details on our affordably-priced, State of Illinois sales tax service that includes electronic filing and payment (using your payment details). Plus here's the best part...IT COSTS JUST $42.50 (per location per filing)!

Claremont will also be happy to answer any questions you may have with regard to whether or not your business is required to collect sales tax, which customers you should collect it from (especially if you do business in other states or internationally), how much you should collect, and more. We also help new businesses register with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

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