High Income Earners Handout

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High Income Taxpayers

High Income Earners HandoutAs a high income taxpayer, in addition to being subjected to a higher tax rate, certain deductions and credits are either reduced or eliminated altogether depending upon your income level. Add to this tax provisions, such as limitations on fringe benefits and other forms of executive compensation, taxation on the sale of a principal residence, etc., and it's easy to see why tax planning is especially important for the high earner.

At Claremont Management, we specialize in helping high-earning clients evaluate all areas of their tax exposure along with the development of plans that identify potential tax deductions, and other tax-saving opportunities and strategies. We've also just put out an informative new PDF handout with information of special interest to the high income taxpayer. Topics covered include capital gains, retirement accounts, education benefits, the child tax credit, medicare taxes, and more.

Are you a high income taxpayer? At Claremont Management, we can provide you with expert guidance and insight, as well as tax-saving strategies, based upon your personal financial situation. Ready to get started...

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