Tax Accountant

Tax Accountant in Chicago Suburbs


Established in 1989, Claremont Management provides complete accounting, tax planning and tax preparation services to businesses, individuals, estates and trusts, throughout the United States.

Our areas of expertise include:

Tax Planning
Whether you're a business or an individual taxpayer, comprehensive tax planning is the key to saving money on taxes. At Claremont Management, we'll provide you with expert guidance and insight, and develop a custom plan with tax-saving strategies based upon your unique business or personal situation.

Tax Preparation
Let Claremont help you prepare your Form 1040, Form 1120, Form 1120S, Form 1065, Form 941, Form 940, Form IL-941, Form W-3, Form IL-W-3, or other tax form.

Sales Tax
If you own a business in Illinois and are required to collect Illinois sales tax, Claremont Management can assist you in proper reporting and compliance to avoid costly penalties.

Payroll Tax
Let Claremont Management calculate and file your payroll taxes weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. We'll also create, send and file all W-2s and 1099s to your employees and sub-contractors.

Trust and Estate Taxes
At Claremont Management, we can assist you in the preparation of tax returns for estates and non-grantor trusts; as well as analysis of the tax implications at either the entity or beneficiary level.

Financial Statements
Claremont Management offers financial statement preparation services based upon accepted accounting principals.

Business Formation
Starting a new business? Each type of business entity carries different legal and tax implications. That's why, it's important to meet with us before you form your new business. Claremont will help you weigh all of the business formation considerations and choose the structure that's right for your new business.

Management Consulting
In addition to our full range of accounting services, Claremont also offers management consulting services. Using our financial and analytical expertise, we can help your company or organization make informed financial decisions.

Support for QuickBooks
Claremont Management offers complete support for our clients who use QuickBooks to keep their books. We can assist as much as is needed; whether a monthly basis on processes such as bank reconciliations or review the file at year end.

Tax Issue Resolution
Do you have unfiled tax returns or have you received a letter from the government and are facing an audit, lien, wage garnishment, bank levy, or other problem, contact us. As an enrolled agent tax practice, we can help by representing you and working to find a resolution to your tax problem. This process will also stop the threatening letters and other demands from the government while we negotiate on your behalf.